Town founded in 580 B.C.

Renowned as the site of the ancient Greek city of Akragas, founded in 580 B.C., Agrigento was described by the Greek poet Pindar as “The most beautiful city of the mortals.
Built in between two hills, the Colle di Girgenti and the Rupe Atenea, the old town of Agrigento still entirely preserves the structure the Arabs gave it during their domination, with a labyrinth of small streets converging in Via Athenea, the main shopping street of the town.
The Cathedral and the old church of Santa Maria dei Greci are some of the many churches worth visiting. Other attractions are the birth house of Luigi Pirandello and the FAM, the permanent modern art gallery near to the Basilica dell’ Immacolata.
Those who want to discover the treasures of one of the oldest Sicilian towns have to drive only a few minutes to reach the town centre.
In the surroundings of Agrigento on the coast and inland there are plenty of places to visit like the Castle of Siculiana, the Nature Reserve of Torre Salsa, the Scala dei Turchi, Sciacca. Discover Sicily and its most suggestive places along its coast.