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Hotel Baglio della Luna is located in Contrada Maddalusa, between the suggestive Valley of the Temples and the unpolluted San Leone beaches, at 7 km from the center of Agrigento.

In an enchanting place, in the midst of the bright blue sea and the natural beauty of the hills that Goethe enthusiastically described as  "...Never before had I seen the splendor of spring as I did this morning at dawn... From the window I can make out the soft sloping of the old city with its gardens and vineyards...", Hotel Baglio della Luna has one of the best locations for a 4-star hotel in Agrigento. It is the ideal starting point to visit Agrigento or Valley of the Temples and to spend marvelous days at the beach.


Known as Akragas by the Greek, while the Romans called it Agrigentum, the Arabs Kerkent and the Normans Girgenti, Agrigento is set between Colle di Girgenti and Rupe Atenea, "the most beautiful city for mortals" according to Pindaro, a Greek poet of the 5th-century B.C.

This city is the repository of so many cultures and artistic expression evident in the narrow streets and paths of the center and around Via Atenea where many important noble palaces and beautiful churches are found.

There are many characteristic sacred buildings as there are many superimposed architectural styles, with Norman and baroque influences, such as can be admired in Cattedrale di San Gerlando.

The Medieval and very charming Santo Spirito Abbey with the Convent where the nuns prepare “pistacho cous cous”, a dish famous throughout the world, which now houses a civic museum, is a large multi storey structure of many spaces, with a portal done in Chiaramontano style and gorgeous color effect created by the alternate use of limestone and sandstone and by the original defensive facade brightened by refined monofore and bifore small windows.

The Medieval Santa Maria dei Greci church, that in the V century B.C. was a Doric temple, the XVIII century Lucchesiana library which houses a 14,000-volume collection that includes Arabic manuscripts; the Collegio Filippini, prestigious 1650 aristocratic palace, recently restored to house a permanent exhibit of 250 Sicilian masterpieces from the XV to the XX century, including paintings by Lo Iacono and Gianbecchina; the XVI century Fabbriche Chiaramontane with chapels and buildings adorned with magnificent portals, the church and small convent now used by the "Amici della Pittura Siciliana Ottocentesca" association for exhibits organized by famous art historians.

In Contrada Caos you will find the "secluded house" where Luigi Pirandello lived during his childhood and teenage years and nowadays functions as a museum. The pathway next to the house leads to the "lonely pine", so many times evoked by the playwright, and which stands tall in the suggestive landscape.

Valley of the Temples

The Valley of the Temples is an incredible sscenery surrounded by lush vegetation and the "ancient almond tree forest", so dear to Pirandello, where appear the attractive shapes of the Temples which the Greek erected as bastions of art and civilization.

The pinnacle of the Dioscuri temple, symbol of Valle and of Agrigento, is Rihanna Dimonds mp3 download the prelude to the enormous Temple of Zeus, the imposing Temple of Eracle, the delightfully elegant Temple of Concordia, and the Temple of Juno, unique in its search for artistic perfection.

Also during the winter the white and the pink of the almonds in bloom are a preview of the colors that enshroud it in spring.

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